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How could I avoid for loop calculating xts weighted sum as I am trying to do below:


thetaSum <- function(theta, w=c(1, 1, 1)) {

n <- 10
tmpVec <- rep(1, n)
tmpDates <- seq(as.Date("2000-01-01"), length = n, by = "day")
theta <- xts(tmpVec,

N <- 3
thetaSummed <- xts(rep(NA, n),

for (i in N:n) {
    thetaTemp <- theta[(i-N+1):i, ]
    thetaSummed[i] <- thetaSum(thetaTemp, w=rep(1, N))


N is a look back period smaller than n.

What are some fast alternatives for for loop?

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You can use rollapply.

rollapplyr(theta, width=3, FUN=thetaSum, fill=NA)
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Just to expand on that: rollapplyr is a wrapper for rollapply that does align="right" (i.e. the (i-N+1):i in your original code). By default rollapply does align="center", and by adding align="left" it would do the equivalent of i:i+2 in your code (assuming you also change the loop to for(i in 1:(n-N+1)){...}) – Darren Cook Mar 4 '12 at 3:08

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