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I'm attempting to track ajax requests in an array and cancel any existing requests before the next one fires off, but I'm getting a $(this).abort() function does not exist. Any ideas?

   var ajaxPool = new Array();

     $('.search_input').live('keyup', function() {

            $.each(ajaxPool, function(){



            var query = $('.search_input').val();   

            if (query == '' || query == ' ') {

                return false;

            var request = $.ajax({ type: 'GET',
                     url:  '{{ path('Search') }}/' + query,

                     beforeSend:function() {




                         alert("Could not complete search.");


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Use this.abort() - this is the xhr object, it makes no sense converting it into a jQuery object. –  bfavaretto Mar 2 '12 at 13:20
Ah thanks... stupid me. Add this as an answer and I'll accept it (once the 8 minutes is up.) –  ThinkingInBits Mar 2 '12 at 13:24

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When you iterate your ajaxPool array with $.each, this is already the jqXHR object that contains the abort() method. So you should not try to convert it to a jQuery object with $. Use this:

$.each(ajaxPool, function(){
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