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I have installed Oracle Database 11g Expressed Edition on my pc (windows 7) And I have installed SQL Developer as well.

I want to create a simple database maybe with one table or two and then use SQL Developer to insert update and query the data.

If I go to SQL Developer it asks me to create a new connection. Therefore it assumes that a database has been created already.

How do I create an initial database ?

Please don't close this question as simple as it might be for db guys it really is a problem for a techie with no db who wants to learn.

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This page here is a good example of creating a sample database.

This page here should help you if you come across some common problems creating your database.

Best of luck!

EDIT: As you are using XE, you should have a DB already created, to connect using SQL*Plus and SQL Developer etc. the info is here.


Connecting to Oracle Database XE from SQL Developer SQL Developer is a client program with which you can access Oracle Database XE. With Oracle Database XE 11g Release 2 (11.2), you must use SQL Developer version 3.0. This section assumes that SQL Developer is installed on your system, and shows how to start it and connect to Oracle Database XE. If SQL Developer is not installed on your system, see Oracle Database SQL Developer User's Guide for installation instructions.


For the following procedure: The first time you start SQL Developer on your system, you must provide the full path to java.exe in step 1.

For step 4, you need a user name and password.

For step 6, you need a host name and port.

To connect to Oracle Database XE from SQL Developer:

Start SQL Developer.

For instructions, see Oracle Database SQL Developer User's Guide.

If this is the first time you have started SQL Developer on your system, you are prompted to enter the full path to java.exe (for example, C:\jdk1.5.0\bin\java.exe). Either type the full path after the prompt or browse to it, and then press the key Enter.

The Oracle SQL Developer window opens.

In the navigation frame of the window, click Connections.

The Connections pane appears.

In the Connections pane, click the icon New Connection.

The New/Select Database Connection window opens.

In the New/Select Database Connection window, type the appropriate values in the fields Connection Name, Username, and Password.

For security, the password characters that you type appear as asterisks.

Near the Password field is the check box Save Password. By default, it is deselected. Oracle recommends accepting the default.

In the New/Select Database Connection window, click the tab Oracle.

The Oracle pane appears.

In the Oracle pane:

For Connection Type, accept the default (Basic).

For Role, accept the default.

In the fields Hostname and Port, either accept the defaults or type the appropriate values.

Select the option SID.

In the SID field, type accept the default (xe).

In the New/Select Database Connection window, click the button Test.

The connection is tested. If the connection succeeds, the Status indicator changes from blank to Success.

Description of the illustration success.gif

If the test succeeded, click the button Connect.

The New/Select Database Connection window closes. The Connections pane shows the connection whose name you entered in the Connection Name field in step 4.

You are in the SQL Developer environment.

To exit SQL Developer, select Exit from the File menu.

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do you mean that Database Configuration Assistant is deployed with the database ? I could not find it –  Zo72 Mar 2 '12 at 14:07
Apologies, I just noticed you were using XE. It only permits one instance, did it not prompt you to create the instance when you installed the software? You should have a database with the SID "XE" already created. You should have also set up your passwords for the SYS and SYSTEM users. –  Ollie Mar 2 '12 at 14:11
Thanks for your help I will check that out and if correct I will mark you right –  Zo72 Mar 2 '12 at 14:28

When you installed XE.... it automatically created a database called "XE". You can use your login "system" and password that you set to login.

Key info

server: (you defined)
port: 1521
database: XE
username: system
password: (you defined)

Also Oracle is being difficult and not telling you easily create another database. You have to use SQL or another tool to create more database besides "XE".

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Thanks, great answer, this is exactly what I needed. This answer should get voted to the top. –  KevSheedy Jun 21 '13 at 10:28

"How do I create an initial database ?"

You created a database when you installed XE. At some point the installation process prompted you to enter a password for the SYSTEM account. Use that to connect to the XE database using the SQL commandline on the application menu.

The XE documentation is online and pretty helpful. Find it here.

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