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I am a newbie on Groovy and Drupal 7. My project is to create a node on Drupal 7 via REstfull services using Groovy language. I have setup Rest Server on Drupal 7 and checked with mozilla plugin Poster with sending some authentication and creation Post requests. It works perfectly fine.


However problem comes while establishing same process with Groovy/Java. I used HttpBuilder that basically works on top of Apache HttpClient.

In order to authenticate I need to send username/password to a /user/login URI. Next time I need to do something, such as a POST request ( e.g. create a Drupal node ), I need to use a different URI e.g. /node and somehow pass that auth data (session_name and a session_id that Drupal sends back the first time) with that POST request => that currently does not seem to work:

401 Unauthorized: Access denied for user 42 "trader785876"

I Tried

  • to copy cookies from the first (auth) request to the second
  • to extract cookies from the first request, and set them in a header of the second
  • to extract cookies from the first request, and set them in the POST parameters of the second, etc..
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have you tried authenticating using the method here http://groovy.codehaus.org/modules/http-builder/doc/auth.html ?

authClient.auth.basic 'myUsername', 'myPassword'
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Thank you for your response. I figured out the solution. I used RestClient class instead of HttpBuilder it worked perfectly fine. –  user1245189 Mar 12 '12 at 18:29

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