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I'm creating a sample application using sqlite database unfortunately I'm not familiar in sqlite database concepts. I have the following requirements,

  1. I have a sqlite database named as quotes.db. The database having two fields in is number and Quotes. Which is stored in assets folder.
  2. In my Activity i have two fields one is edittext and another one is button.
  3. When the user enter the value (number) in edittext and click the button. Now I display the corresponding quotes which is stored in database.

if any one having sample code snippet similar to this kindly post. Thanks in advance.

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You can follow this tutorial which is an introduction to Android apps and especially to databases in Android.

Quting the website:

This tutorial on writing a notepad application gives you a "hands-on" introduction to the Android framework and the tools you use to build applications on it. Starting from a preconfigured project file, it guides you through the process of developing a simple notepad application and provides concrete examples of how to set up the project, develop the application logic and user interface, and then compile and run the application.

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There are a couple of ways of creating and accessing a database in android.

Method 1: Use simple SQL statements For that follow this tutorial:

Method 2: Use a class that extends SQLiteOpenHelper For that follow this tutorial:

I would recommend you to follow method 2 as that makes it much simpler to query and update your database once it is all set up. Also note that when you move on to 'Content Providers' method 2 will again be very very helpful.

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The Android dev manual has a useful introduction to the process. Take a look at the Searchable Dictionary for some example code.

I gave an answer on this SO question for importing a database from a file in your assets/ directory.

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