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I can't find this I want to make code that can run exe file in the same folder without static path. As example if the file name is application.exe then I want to run the file and if not exist error message pop up cant find application.exe any help with this please? this can be done in vb but I don't know if that can be done too in lua?

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I'm not quite sure how it works on Windows, but on Linux this works fine:


There's some more info on Lua on Windows on Lua Unofficial FAQ.

Update: You might also want to read How to execute an external command on LuaFAQ. There is some interesting information on executing GUI programs on Windows, as well as a link to Launching processes with winapi.

Update 2: I found this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/3589108/295262

It's regarding the opposite question, full path. According to it, os.execute "application.exe" will work in the same directory, although you might want to try one of the fancier ways from LuaFAQ.

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As it was said, the os.execute() function allow you to run a system command into the path of lua execution.

If you want to get the output, you can use io.popen() instead :

local f = io.popen("application.exe","r")
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