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I know this is a 0(n) relationship, where we need to check for every single row of array for membership, but what is the fastest way to do the check?

$x = [["id" =>61, "name" => "jill"],["id" =>1, "name" => "john"],];
$y = [["id" =>89, "state" => "drunk"],["id" =>61, "state" => "sleep"]];

$z = array_values_collide($x, $y, "id");

where z should return:

$z = [["id" =>61, "name" => "jill", state => "sleep"];
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If I understand correctly, you want all elements in $x that are also in $y. The result is called the intersection of both arrays. See function array_intersect_assoc. I am sure PHP developers took care of implementing it to be as fast as possible.

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Use array_intersect_assoc to get the values which are present both arrays. And/or check the other intersect commands.


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