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I've got a strange problem. I've programened an facebook app where the user has to connect. when clicking the submit-button the JS has to check if the user has the requested permissions and (if not) requires a connection for the user. This is done via FB.api('/me/permissions', function(response){ }); and FB.Login(); where FB.Login() is fired in the permissionsCheck when the needed permissions aren't granted...

This script works in all Browsers well ... expected Safari! In Safari eh FB.Login()-Function calls via Network the following URL...*&app_id=369743**&***&display=none&

... and gets redirected to an empty frame with the following source:

When I start the FB.Login() function via console I get the Login Popup perfectly .... -.- So whats the Problem? Why does Facebook doesnt show the Popup via script and (internal) redirects to an error page instead of displaying me the popup (like I called via console)???

I hope somebody may help out. Thanks in advance :)

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Ohhhh it was so easy. Safaris "block popups"-option blocked the login popup -.- a hint "a popup was blocked" like other browsers display would be really nice @safari :-/ – Denis Mar 5 '12 at 8:44

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