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I've developed a Firefox addon. Let's say addon.xpi. I hosted it on my site, but now it also available in the Mozilla repo.

So, I want to move all existing users (who installed addon.xpi from my site) to Mozilla repo. As I understand, since the both addons (on my site and in the repo) have the same ID, I need just put some "Mozilla repo" link to UpdateURL for selfhosted version, and then next time all users will install updates from the repo.

Am I right? Does somebody know general update URL for addons in Mozilla repository?

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It's simpler than that - just remove <em:updateURL> from your install.rdf file and publish an update. By default the update URL in the browser's extensions.update.url preference is used. And that one always points to, so once your users update they will get future updates from there.

Or you can even modify to update.rdf file currently on your server and change <em:updateLink> entry - point it to the XPI file on

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Thank you. That's really simple :) – gakhov Mar 2 '12 at 15:56

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