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I'm just beginning to wet my feet with KnockoutJS. So far, I have the following:


<b>Selected:</b> <span data-bind="text: selectedName" ></span>
<div data-bind="foreach: matches">
    <div data-bind="click: $root.SelectMatch" >
        <strong data-bind="text: Name" ></strong>
        <span data-bind="text: Age"></span>
        <span data-bind="text: Citizenship"></span>


    function TestViewModel() {
    var self = this;
    self.matches = ko.observableArray([
      { Name: 'Rodd Chin', Age: '42', Citizenship: 'American' },
      { Name: 'Ben Challinor', Age: '30', Citizenship: 'Russian'},
      { Name: 'Andrew Harris', Age: '35', Citizenship: 'Canadian' }
    self.selectedItem = ko.observable();
    self.selectedName = ko.observable("[Empty]");
    self.SelectMatch = function (match) {
        self.selectedItem = match;
        self.selectedName = match.Name;
ko.applyBindings(new TestViewModel());

This all seems to work except for the selectedName binding of the first span tag. For some reason that never gets updated. I've tried adding a ko.computed() property to the vm that returns self.selectedItem.Name and binding to that but that didn't work either.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks for the help!

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It's simple, to set the value of an observable you shouldn't assign the value like this

self.myObservable = newValue;

You must set it like this:


This has to do with an observable being its own object and it has to maintain its subscriptions and stuff like that.

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Thanks for that! I also changed the binding of the span tag like so text: selectedItem().Name –  RHarris Mar 6 '12 at 19:25

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