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When using the rails generators with an Rails::Engine, it does not seem to pick up any template files that are put into the lib dir. As instructed here


Right now I have


I have also tried


Has anyone else tried this.

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It seems that this is not supported for Engines

In a Rails app the Finisher takes care of adding this to the path

module Rails
 class Application
   module Finisher
    include Initializable

    initializer :add_generator_templates do


So this must be done in the Engine config in order for this to work.

module MyEngine
  class Engine < ::Rails::Engine
    config.generators.templates.unshift File.expand_path("lib/templates", root)

Is this a bug or the desired behaviour?

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Above answer (by stellard himself) doesn't fix my case in Rails 3.2, but How to override a rails generator template in a gem? fix it. Just pointing out for the person like me.

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If you use rails g generator MyGenerator in the root path of an Rails 3.2 engine you'll get something like this:

class MyGenerator < Rails::Generators::NamedBase
  source_root File.expand_path('../templates', __FILE__)

which doesnt pollute your Engine class and is much more localized to the generator.

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