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I am having trouble with this query but ONLY under HSQLDB. We use Oracle for production database and HSQL for automated integration tests. Here's my main object:

public class Student implements Serializable {
   private Set<StudentRace> races;

StudentRace looks like this:

public class StudentRace implements Serializable {
    private Integer studentid;

And my JPA query is like this:

entityManager.createQuery("select distinct s from Student s left join fetch s.races "+
  "where s.schoolNumber = :schoolNumber");

I know I have correct data in the HSQLDB database - I can manually do a query and see the data. Yet the Student objects always have "races" as null. As I said, this query works fine in Oracle. Is there some kind of HSQLDB setup thing I'm missing?

Edit: Like this? In Student:

@OneToMany(fetch=FetchType.LAZY, mappedBy="id")
private Set<StudentRace> races;

In StudentRace:

private Student student;

Still no luck. The "races" element is still null.

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Your mapping is incorrect, because the STUDENTRACE.STUDENTID column is mapped twice: once as a JoinColumn in Student, and once as a column in StudentRace.

Either make the association unidirectional and remove the studentid field in StudentRace, or make it bidirectional, and have a Student student field in StudentRace, mapped as a ManyToOne, as shown in this example from the Hibernate documentation.

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