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i want to get matrix values, rows and coloumn from user input. So i'm implementing do while to do this: This is only for the rows:

do {
        printf ("Inserisci il numero di righe ( intero-positivo-diverso da 0): ");
        scanf ("%d",&righe);
    } while (righe<=0);

I want to check that user insert only integers. what can i do?

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scanf returns an integer indicating how many "things" it successfully read. You can test this in a conditional to see if it got what you were looking for. Example:

const int result = scanf ("%d",&righe);
if (1 != result) {
  /* didn't get the 1 input we were looking for, do something about it! */

You'll want to distinguish between EOF and simply not an integer though.

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Check the return value of scanf() it should return the number of converted strings, if it is != 1 the input couldn't be converted to an integer.

Reference :scanf

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You are looking for this ctype.h

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your code is correct. is the right way to do what you want...

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