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On Ray Wenderlich's web page is a comparison of xml parsers/generators for iOS and he mentions NSXML being an Apple supplied component for iOS. However I can't find any reference/documentation for it within Xcode's documentation section nor via Google.

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NSXML is shorthand for a set of XML-related classes that are part of the Foundation framework in OS X. Namely:

  • NSXMLDocument
  • NSXMLElement
  • NSXMLNode
  • NSXMLParser

Of these, only NSXMLParser is currently (as of iOS 5) available on iOS.

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Just as a footnote, NSXMLParser and NSXML(Document|DTD|DTDNode|Element|Node) are separate things. NSXMLParser is a SAX style event driven parser and unrelated to the other NSXML classes. Thanks for the comment about iOS availability though. I was just about to try and use NSXMLDocument! –  Diziet Nov 27 '12 at 12:39

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