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I'm trying to pause a DirectX game when the windows loses focus, but the messages seem to be inconsistent.

When using windows mode WM_SETFOCUS and WM_KILLFOCUS messages are received and everything works fine, but these messages are not received when using full screen mode. WM_NCACTIVATE is received when using full screen mode and it works fine, but in window mode is not received when the application is minimized from the taskbar. WM_ACTIVATEAPP also is not received in several cases.

Is there any consistent way of handling the gain/lose focus problem? I want to use only one message that is received in both full screen and window mode.

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You should use WM_ACTIVATE for that.

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Same problem as with WM_NCACTIVATE, when I minimize the window with the mouse from task bar the message is received twice, once with wParam inactive and once with wParam active... –  Felics Mar 4 '12 at 13:12

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