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I need to hide the buttonholder Div which is styled to look like a button. But the button styles images need to hide if the link itself is empty.

<div class="RegisterBtnHolder"> 
    <span class="RegisterOrangeButton">
              <a href="">Register Online</a>

I need to hide RegisterBtnHolder if the anchor tag has empty href or empty text..How do i do this in jquery.

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$('.RegisterBtnHolder a').each(function() {
    if($(this).attr('href') === '' || $(this).text() === '') {
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give this a shot:

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Using jQuery:

var button = $('.RegisterBtnHolder').find('a'); // caches the <a> element from the dom.
if(button.attr('href') == '') {

The above answer prolly works aswell, just remember try to avoid jumping into the DOM as much as possible, it will slow down your load time.

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no src in an anchor tag – charlietfl Mar 2 '12 at 18:16
You're right, been working all day on a image function so the src was stuck in my head :) I edited my post. – ninja Mar 2 '12 at 19:04

Does this work for you:

if ($('div.RegisterBtnHolder a').text() == '' || $('div.RegisterBtnHolder a').attr('href') == '') $('div.RegisterBtnHolder a').hide()​
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sample code below

if($("a").attr("href") === "" || $("a").text()===""){
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Useing filter() helps

$('.RegisterBtnHolder a').filter(function(){
     /* add any additional tests you might need such as looking for "#" as an href*/    
    return $(this).attr('href')=='' || $.trim($(this).text())=='';                        
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