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Using the following code. Keep getting the following error

Select distinct 
From (
    Select distinct
        substr((ltrim(sys_Connect_By_Path(trim(to_Cont),' / '))),2,(length(ltrim(sys_Connect_By_Path(trim(to_Cont),' / '))))) as Container
    From (
        Select distinct
            row_number() Over (Partition by sku order by to_Cont) -1 as seq
        From (
            Select distinct
            from elite_76_w1.ITH_f
            --Where ob_oid = '237472'
            --  and sku = '64154'
        Where  connect_By_Isleaf = 1
          Connect by seq = Prior seq +1 and sku = Prior sku
          Start with seq = 1
) C 
Left  Join elite_76_D.ship_L
    on ship_L.ship_id = C.ob_oid
    and ship_L.item_num = C.sku

WHere C.ob_oid = '237472'
and C.sku = '64154'

Getting this error: ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long 01489. 00000 - " result of string concatenation is too long" *Cause: String concatenatin result is more than the maximun size. * Action: Make sure that the result is lees than the maximum size. Vendor Code 1489Error at line 3.

Start with: SKU Location 64154 A153945
64154 A153943
64154 A153947
64154 A153946
64154 A153944

Need: 64154 A153944 / A153945 / A153946 / A153947

Thank you for all the help, David

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As this is a guess, I'll comment and not post. In your inner most query cast "to_cont" to a larger VARCHAR(). For example, it it is a VARCHAR(32), cast it to VARCHAR(4000). [All on the assumption that your output field is being limitted to the same length as your input, this may therefor allow more characters in your output.] If 4000 isn't going to be enough, you can look at CLOB, but there is a good chance the rest of your code doesn't work with that data type. –  MatBailie Mar 2 '12 at 18:21
TSQL is for MSSQL. This question is Oracle. –  Blam Mar 2 '12 at 20:21
No luck. Even when I cast "to_Cont" to 4000 everwhere I use the field, I am still getting the same error. –  David Mar 5 '12 at 14:24

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ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long means that part of your SQL is generating a string longer than 4000 characters, which is the limit of a VARCHAR2 in SQL.

You can't truncate the string in SQL (e.g. with SUBSTR), because SQL needs to construct the string before it sends it to the SUBSTR function; and it bails because it exceeds the limit.

To solve this you'll probably need to create your own PL/SQL function, in which you have a greater length limit (32k) for VARCHAR2s.

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