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I have Oracle 11G R2 running on M-4000 machine (supposedly a powerful machine). Recently, I noticed that my application has gone slow and is taking lot of time in quering from database. To my shock when I saw the statistics of DB machine I found the CPU usage to 100%.

Here is the ash report.

Now can someone put me wise to what should I be doing to avoid such situation.

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Those queries that are doing a 'table access full' may be your problem... any full table scan will kill a query and can usually be resolved by adding a simple index. You can profile your queries, and tools will recommend indexes to add in order to improve execution of certain queries. I think I did this with Squirrel on an oracle db.

Also, your IDs seem to be strings and you're doing a 'lower(id) like :3'. This should be changed to use integers, or at the very least get rid of the lower and do a match on '3'.

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