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I'm using a UnityContainer.

I want to register in it AuthService and TokenManager.

AuthService has TokenManager as a private memeber.

TokenManager has one ctor: TokenManager(string name, string pass)

I get these strings from the UI at runtime.

Unity require to register ctor parameters in a config file.

I have thought

  • to create a ctor: AuthService(TokenManager mgr)

But then how do I add an object (non-primitive) to the <unity> node in the config file?

  • How can I still use Unity with runtime parameter to TokenManager ctor?
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My idea:

AuthService will have two ctor - parameterless and AuthService(bool initFromContainer)

In test harness I will call new AuthService(false) and then override the TokenManager

using AuthService_Accessor

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Define a factory for TokenManager and inject the factory into AuthService. Make the factory accept the parameters for username and password.

Injecting a factory works quite well whenever you need to incorporate runtime parameters. But don't get carried away with that pattern or you might bump into factory overload.

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