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I have created for my application, some custom GUI component and used them.

Now i want to make them redistributable. I know that add the sources to another project and use them in that way, but i'd prefer to make something like a jar or similar.

I want that if an user add my library (maybe a jar??) to its application, he can add the gui component in his application as any other components (using drag and drop or simply specifying it in the application layout).

Is it possible?

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Quoting myself from elsewhere: "For the advice on how to create reusable components, see The Busy Coder's Guide to Advanced Android Development. If you are not a subscriber, you can find free older editions of that book on the book's Web page in the "Four-to-Free Guarantee" tab." – CommonsWare Mar 2 '12 at 20:57
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Definitely....this is the whole concept of Java libraries and code reuse. You must decide on an api for your components or in a way how you intend them to use your api, and publish them in the form of a jar. Then any user who wants to use your classes will be able to include the jar in his classpath and be able to reuse your components.

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i know that, i know how jars works, etc, my question is specific to Android gui components. Afaik if i export my gui components in form of jar, i cannot use the xml files for layout. The android gui components has also they layout into one or more xml file. – Ivan Mar 2 '12 at 19:38
include your xml files also in your jar...the users can do a getResource() and use the xml files as well if the jar is in their class path. – ManojGumber Mar 3 '12 at 3:19

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