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The scenario:

I have a model in a view, I'm using django-filters, so I need make a quueryset filtered by django-filters and ordered randomly.

The Issue: django-filters adds a DISTINCT to the SQL, something like:

SELECT DISTINCT ... WHERE ("products_creditcard"."is_active" = True  AND    ("products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 3  OR "products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 1  OR "products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 4 )) ORDER BY RANDOM()

But that generates a exception for postgresql:

ERROR: for SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY expressions must appear in select list SQL state: 42P10 Character: 1992

I think may exist any way to add random to the select, any ideas?

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3 Answers 3

You just need to use group by instead of DISTINCT

SELECT  ... WHERE ("products_creditcard"."is_active" = True  AND    ("products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 3  OR "products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 1  OR "products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 4 )) ORDER BY RANDOM() GROUP BY fieldName

Hope this will work for you

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Tha bad thing is I will need hack django*filters – diegueus9 Mar 2 '12 at 19:14

Use GROUP BY, as @Shivam wrote. But his syntax is invalid.
GROUP BY must come before ORDER BY. Like this:

SELECT p.column1, p.column2, ..
FROM   products_creditcard p
WHERE  p.is_active
AND    p.bank_id IN (1, 3, 4)
GROUP  BY p.column1, p.column2, ..
ORDER  BY random();
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Would it be possible to use nested SQL?

It might not be the best approach, but maybe something like this would work in a pinch:

       ("products_creditcard"."is_active" = True 
          AND("products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 3  
          OR "products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 1  
          OR "products_creditcard"."bank_id" = 4)
   ) AS Source

edit: looking at the other solution on this page (the one about using "group by" in lieu of distinct), I believe that one to be much more elegant than mine.

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