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Is it true that most WYSIWYG editors on a webpage is by using the designmode property? Is there any other method besides using this method?

(is designmode first available on IE and other browsers added it too later on?)

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Easiest solution is pick up an open source solution that is already implemented. –  epascarello Jun 5 '09 at 4:03
@epascarello: given all browsers other than firefox older than 3 support contenteditable which works uniformly across all browsers, why would you need a "solution"? All the editors like fck or whatever do is set the contenteditable bit on an element (or jump through designmode hoops for old firefox) and give you is a row of buttons that call directly to functions that are already implemented in the browsers, –  olliej Jun 5 '09 at 5:18
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HTML5 defines a contentEditable attribute that can be applied to any element (including the body element), it's supported in IE (which i think invented the attribute), Safari >2.0, and Firefox 3.x where x is at least 5.

Use is simply

<div contenteditable>Yay, i'm editable!!!</div>
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Yes, this is probably the only way to do this without embedding non-html editors made in Flash, Silverlight, Java, etc.

Yes, this attribute first appeared in IE, then it was added in Mozilla (about the end of 2003), then in Opera 9 and Safari 2.

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