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I have set the maxIoThreads and maxWorkerThreads in machine.config to 100.

<processModel autoConfig="false" maxWorkerThreads="100" maxIoThreads="100"/>

However when i am debugging the ASP.net 4.0 webapplication code in Visual Studio I am seeing that ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads returns the count as 200 for both of them.

        int workerThreads;
        int portThreads;
        System.Threading.ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads(out workerThreads, out portThreads);
        //workerThreads & portThreads both get the value of 200

My question is there any relation between processmodel tag in machine.config and ThreadPool.GetMaxThreads?

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Check this http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/7w2sway1.aspx

maxWorkerThreads = Configures the maximum number of worker threads to use for the process on a per-CPU basis. For example, if this value is 25 on a single-processor server, ASP.NET uses the runtime APIs to set the process limit to 25. On a two-processor server, the limit is set to 50.

Moreover make sure you have defined the minFreeThread in httpruntime according to this guideline

The value of this attribute must be equal to or greater than the minFreeThread attribute setting in the httpRuntime configuration section.

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