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Resources for developing a C++ MySQL application for Linux

Does anyone know of a MySQL library for C/C++ with tutorials that is easy to use?

Im using a Mac and Xcode.

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It seems this is quite a common question. Try here: stackoverflow.com/questions/319297/… –  Mike G Mar 9 '12 at 13:36
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MySQL Connector for C++ from the MySQL website. Here is a tutorial directly on the MySQL site again. This might be worth taking a look too.

DISCLAIMER : I don't know anything about C++ MySQL programming on a Mac. I found those links through quick Google searches and lightning-fast reading of the articles.

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Holds a lot of C APIs made for mysql.

Can you also be more specific, My version of MySQL, What Version of XCode. Are you doing this on an iOS application? Or what are you thinking about implementing/making?

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