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I want to select one specific property of a jason object.

This is the structure of the JSON:

  "resultsPage:" {
    "results": { "event": [
        "displayName":"Wild Flag at The Fillmore (April 18, 2012)",
                                  "displayName":"Wild Flag","id":29835,"identifier":[]},
                        "displayName":"Wild Flag",
        "location":{"city":"San Francisco, CA, US","lng":-122.4332937,"lat":37.7842398},
                 "displayName":"The Fillmore",
                 "lng":-122.4332937, "lat":37.7842398,
                              "displayName":"SF Bay Area","country":{"displayName":"US"},"id":26330,"state":{"displayName":"CA"}}},
      }, ....

This is what I'm doing to get the JSON:

url: "",
            dataType: "jsonp", // <== JSON-P request
            success: function (data) {
                $.each(data["resultsPage"]["results"]["event"], function (i, entry) {
                    $("#events").append('<li><a href="' + entry.uri + '">' + entry.displayName + '</a></li>');

I'm new with JSON so my question is: How do I get the latitude and longitude of a location by entering an artist name out this JSON object? Any Idea?

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You obviously already know how to get properties. entry.uri, entry.displayName. Now apply the same logic to this problem. – Lightness Races in Orbit Mar 2 '12 at 19:37

You would use entry.location.lng and inside your $.each() function.

each property, if not an array, can be accessed with dot notation, which most people find easier to read and understand. meaning, your $.each() could also be defined like this :

$.each(data.resultsPage.results.event, function (i, entry) {

Hope that helps...

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If you have to match a given property value, then you're going to have to crawl and check for it.

for ( loop events )
    if ( select Name = thing you want )
        do my stuff
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