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Fun one. Yesterday (with your help, of course) I built a function that randomly assorts 10 divs and then fades those into the page in random order. Today I'm adding in a third layer of complexity; taking 3 of those divs and applying an anchor to the image within them.

I'd like to apply the array of anchors to the randomly sorted array of divs before they're faded in. To be honest, I've been Googling this for the better part of an hour and still have no idea how to write it. I appreciate your sympathy and expertise.



    // Fisher-Yates Shuffle

        function pushRand (array, value, rng) {
            var j = (rng || Math).random() * (array.length + 1) | 0;
            array[j] = value;
            return array.length;

    // Create array for fade order

        function introfade(x) {
            var o = [];
            while (x--) { pushRand(o, x); }
            return o;

    // Rearrange divs and fade them in

        function shuffle() {
            var b       = $('.box'),         //Box
                main    = $('.main')[0],     //Container
                arrange = $('<div>'),        //Box elements
                size    = b.size(),         //Amount of boxes
                fade    = introfade(size),  //Run introfade() on the amount of boxes
                boxes   = [],

            for (i = size; i--;){ pushRand(boxes, b[i]); }
            for (i = size; i--;){ main.appendChild(boxes[i]); }


        // Apply the array of anchors HERE
            //Pretend this is the correct syntax for 
            //.wrap different sources within the array

            $('.box img')
                [first].wrap('<a href="http://google.com/" />');
                [second].wrap('<a href="http://yahoo.com/" />');
                [second].wrap('<a href="http://aol.com/" />');


        // Fade them in
                b.each(function(i) {
                    var c = $(this);
                    setTimeout(function() {
                        c.fadeTo(600, 1);
                    }, fade[i]*60);

    // Initialize

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Please clarify where the difficulty is. Once you have an array in your preferred order, it should be relatively easy to identify the first three elements in it, right? Once you've done that, you have jquery to work with, which means that you should be able to use selectors to get the images, right? Are you having difficulty applying the anchors, then? Where is the trouble? –  Ben Barden Mar 2 '12 at 19:45
Sorry for the confusion, Ben. I'm not sure what the syntax is for identifying the first 3 $('.box')'s in the array returned by shuffle(); and applying the anchors to them –  technopeasant Mar 2 '12 at 19:50

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Your pseudo-code was very close, I believe you're looking for something like the following:

var boxImgs = $('.box img');
boxImgs.eq(0).wrap('<a href="http://google.com/" />');
boxImgs.eq(1).wrap('<a href="http://yahoo.com/" />');
boxImgs.eq(2).wrap('<a href="http://aol.com/" />');

This didn't change any behavioral output in your jsFiddle results panel (i.e. I couldn't click on the boxes as links), but it does produce the following markup. I'm guessing once the images are in, it'd work as intended:

<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><a href="http://google.com/"><img src="#"/></a></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><a href="http://yahoo.com/"><img src="#"/></a></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><a href="http://aol.com/"><img src="#"/></a></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
<div class="box" style="opacity: 1;"><img src="#"/></div>
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You nailed it! Thank you. I was so close, bah! –  technopeasant Mar 2 '12 at 19:55
Your syntax was almost spot on, had the img tags been siblings. You could have then used something like $('.box img').first().wrap(...).next().wrap(...).next().wrap(...). –  Goran Mottram Mar 2 '12 at 19:59

Since you said links were in array this might help

var links=['yahoo.com','google.com','bing.com']
var boxImgs = $('.box img');
for ( i=0; i<links.length; i++){
    boxImgs.eq(i).wrap('<a href="'+links[i]+'" />');
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How about:

$('.box:eq(0) img').wrap('<a href="http://google.com/" />');
$('.box:eq(1) img').wrap('<a href="http://yahoo.com/" />');
$('.box:eq(2) img').wrap('<a href="http://aol.com/" />');

Updated jsFiddle example.

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