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I have a wordlist of dictionary words in .txt format. How can I use this with the captcha_helper instead of random characters? I've already extended the captcha_helper file but am having issues integrating my wordlist.txt file for use.

After doing some poking, I found a solution:

// This is the modified version in captcha_helper.php
if($word == ''){
    $wordsfile = '../words.php';
    $fp = fopen($wordsfile, 'r');
    $length = strlen(fgets($fp));
    $line = rand(1, (filesize($wordsfile)/$length)-2);

    if(fseek($fp, $length*$line) == -1) return FALSE;
    $word = trim(fgets($fp));

But I noticed that sometimes the last letter would get cut off. Is there a way to make sure that the first and last letter never get placed outside of the bounding box?

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Can you show what you've done, and explain the problems you're having? – Rocket Hazmat Mar 2 '12 at 20:41

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in this case you can use one function which pass your words randomly to the script to display..

i think this is better option.

instead to work wit

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