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i wanna know what exactly this code does?

python -c "import sys , struct ; s=int(sys.stdin.read(),16); print '0x%08x: %s' % (s,repr(struct.pack('L' , s)))"

and what pack() and repr() functions exactly do?

Note: s is something like 080483db => address of memory

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From help(struct.pack) and help(repr):

    repr(object) -> string

    Return the canonical string representation of the object.
    For most object types, eval(repr(object)) == object.

    Return string containing values v1, v2, ... packed according to fmt.

repr is pretty commonly used in Python.

The line prints the numbers you typed in, but as the values of bytes. So if you give it 4141414141414141 it will spit out 0x4141414141414141: 'AAAAAAAA'.

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