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I want to do something after a coupon is applied during the checkout process. I used the 'catalogrule_after_apply' event along with the corresponding function in Observer.php. The coupon is still being applied without hitting my observer method. I have other events firing, so invalid xml wouldn't be the case. The issue might be the event i am using, but i cant find any other event that would yield the same effect. Suggestions?




class Russ_Promosource_Model_Observer
    public function __construct()

    public function addSourceIdToSessionFromCoupon($observer) {

                die ('event observer worked');


Thank you in advance.

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the event you're observing is triggered when you click on the "Apply Rule", in the admin.
For what you wanna do, I'd use the salesrule_validator_process event. You're observer could then access the applied rule:

    public function couponApplied($observer)
        $rule = $observer->getEvent()->getRule();
        $couponCode = $rule->getCouponCode();
        $ruleId = $rule->getRuleId();


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