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I started a blank project in Visual Studio 2010 to write a C application. How can I send debug information to the Output window (menu Debug -> Windows -> Output )? Is there a relatively simple way to implement TRACE or OutputDebugString or something similar?

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OutputDebugString is the way to do it. Stack Overflow question How can I use the TRACE macro in non-MFC projects? contains information how to make something akin to MFC's TRACE macro using OutputDebugString.

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You can use OutputDebugString from a VS C program.

#include <windows.h>

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    OutputDebugString(_T("Hello World\n"));
    return 0;

The output will only be visible if you run with debugging (Debug > Start Debugging)

In the Output window, select "Debug" for "Show output from:"

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If you use C++, you may be interested on my portable TRACE macro.

#  ifdef _MSC_VER
#    include <windows.h>
#    include <sstream>
#    define TRACE(x)                           \
     do {  std::stringstream s;  s << (x);     \
           OutputDebugString(s.str().c_str()); \
        } while(0)
#  else
#    include <iostream>
#    define TRACE(x)  std::clog << (x)
#  endif        // or std::cerr << (x) << std::flush
#  define TRACE(x)


#define ENABLE_TRACE  //can depend on _DEBUG or NDEBUG macros
#include "my_above_trace_header.h"

int main (void)
   int     v1 = 123;
   double  v2 = 456.789;
   TRACE ("main() v1="<< v1 <<" v2="<< v2 <<'\n');

Any improvements/suggestions/contributions are welcome ;-)

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