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I'm trying to use Thinking Sphinx with my Can Can solution for authorization.

I found this answer helpful Cancan Thinking Sphinx current_ability Questions, but was wondering if there might be a way to accomplish this with facets.

So I have projects, where there is a column called privacy which is a bool. If a project is private then there is an index for collaborator_ids, which is a list of all of the users that can view the project.

I was wondering if there is a way to form a query using facets to return all projects that are either public OR private and the user's id is in the collaborator_ids.

Another approach I'm considering is formulating an extended query in my controller to check for these fields.

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I have no idea how you would do it thinking sphinx, but in normal sphinx this should work..

$cl->setSelect("*,privacy+IF(IN($user_id,collaborator_ids),1,0) AS myint");

Which effectily makes an 'OR' query.

As I say, cant help you write thatin in thinging-sphinx.

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