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Say I have these two mysql tables:

username        Country
John            USA
Sarah           Canada
username        Color
John            Blue
Sarah           Green

How can I select Sarah's favorite color, but ONLY if she is in Canada?

Something like:

SELECT color FROM fav_color WHERE name='sarah' AND username=(a canadian username)
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Is this a homework question? –  Aaron W. Mar 2 '12 at 23:20
This does seem a lot like a homework question to me, but I like that there are multiple succinct but different correct answers to this basic SQL question. –  Iain Collins Jun 24 '13 at 12:22

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Select on the two tables and specify that you want to match records by username:

SELECT color FROM fav_color, country 
    WHERE fav_color.username='Sarah' AND
    fav_color.username = country.username AND
    country = 'Canada';
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A pretty straight forward JOIN;

SELECT color FROM fav_color f
JOIN country c ON c.username=f.username
WHERE c.username='Sarah'
  AND c.country='Canada';

Demo here.

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How about using WHERE EXISTS?

SELECT color FROM fav_color
        (SELECT username FROM country
             WHERE country.username = fav_color.username
             AND country.Country = 'Canada')
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select color from fav_color where 
    name='sarah' and 
    name in (
        select name from country where country='canada'
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