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I have a very simple program on OpenCV:

#include <cv.h>
#include <cxcore.h>
#include <highgui.h>

using namespace std;

void showVideo(CvCapture *video)
    int width = (int) cvGetCaptureProperty(video, CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_WIDTH);
    int height = (int) cvGetCaptureProperty(video, CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_HEIGHT);
    //int fps = (int) cvGetCaptureProperty(video, CV_CAP_PROP_FPS);
    IplImage* frame = cvCreateImage(cvSize(width, height), 8, 1);
    cvNamedWindow("Showing Video:", 0);
    while (true)
        frame = cvQueryFrame(video);
        cvShowImage("Showing Video:", frame);
    //cvDestroyWindow("Showing Video:");
int main()
    CvCapture *video = cvCaptureFromCAM(CV_CAP_ANY);
    return 0;

I want to have a char ch; and something like this while(ch != 'q') then it still plays the video. There is some ways such as kbhit() or getch() but they are not standard and I want something that whenever the 'q' key is pressed, then the showing the video will finish, otherwise video showing will be still running.

How can I do this job?

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cvWaitKey() returns 0 if no key was pressed in the allotted time or the key code if a key is pressed. Change your call to cvWaitKey() to test the return value like this:

chr = cvWaitKey(10);
if (chr == 'q')
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Create an additional thread, where the new one waits for stdin data. If it receives the proper content, then set a flag which the other thread checks. The most obvious means to check it is to replace

while (true)


while (!done)

where done is initialized to false, and set to true by the keyboard thread.

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