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Assume the following parallel process in Groovy/Gpars....

def result
   result = idList.collectParallel{processItem(it)}

If result is just an array list, and, assuming no thread accesses or manipulates result in processItem(), does result need to be explicitly synchronized? I need to know if I should be doing this instead...

def result = Collections.synchronizedList( new ArrayList())
   result = idList.collectParallel{processItem(it)}
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I would be surprised if the result being returned is a List, but if you look at this comment:

 * Iterates over a collection/object with the <i>collect()</i> method using an asynchronous variant of the supplied closure
 * to evaluate each collection's element.
 * After this method returns, all the closures have been finished and the caller can safely use the result.
 * It's important to protect any shared resources used by the supplied closure from race conditions caused by multi-threaded access.
 * If any of the collection's elements causes the closure to throw an exception, the exception is re-thrown.


it appears that when everything is done you can safely use the result, without having to have it synchronized.

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I read that too, but wanted to make sure, as I said, result is never manipulated in my processing function, so I think I'm good to go! thx – raffian Mar 3 '12 at 2:04

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