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I have two fields in my form named start date and end date. I want to validate end date only if start date is present.

In rails, we have :if. Do we have anything similar in yii?

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I just completed this kinda of validation with Yii. you can refer it from here.… – chen Dec 11 '14 at 9:35
In Yii2 you can use the when property. – Saul Fautley May 26 '15 at 12:09
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Define your custom function for validation .

define rule :


define custom function:

public function checkEndDate($attributes,$params)
         $this->addError('end_date','Error Message');
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You can use validate() method to validate attributes individually, so you can first validate start_date and skip validation if there are errors with it, something like:

// ... code ...
// in your controller's actionCreate for the particular model

// ... other code ...

    if ($model->validate(array('start_date'))){
    // alright no errors with start_date, so continue validating others, and saving record

         if ($model->validate(array('end_date'))){
         // assuming you have only two fields in the form, 
         // if not obviously you need to validate all the other fields,
         // so just pass rest of the attribute list to validate() instead of only end_date

              if($model->save(false)) // as validation is already done, no need to validate again while saving
// ... rest of code ...
// incase you didn't know error information is stored in the model instance when we call validate, so when you render, the error info will be passed to the view

Alternatively you could also use the skipOnError attribute of CValidator class:

// in your model's rules, mark every validator rule that includes end_date as skipOnError,
// so that if there is any error with start_date, validation for end_date will be skipped
public function rules(){
     return array(
         array('start_date, end_date', 'required', 'skipOnError'=>true),
         array('start_date, end_date', 'date', 'skipOnError'=>true),
         // The following rule is used by search().
         // Please remove those attributes that should not be searched.
         array('id, start_date, end_date', 'safe', 'on'=>'search'),

Hope this helps.
Disclaimer: I'm not sure about the skipOnError solution, it might be affected by the order of validators, you can test it (I have not tested yet), and find out if it works. The individual validation solution will of course work any day.

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let me know if you require any clarifications. – Mar 3 '12 at 6:29

For the lazy, add the conditional validation to the model's beforeValidate method:

    $this->addError('end_date','Error Message');
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