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I have a combobox on a form which has to change its rowsource at run time on the basis of a particular label selection.I have managed to do the same but the problem is that it takes time to requery the combobox.If the selection of the label changes, the combobox record points out to the same records as previous one.Only after click on other controls does the records are as expected.I have used this:


It would be great if the record changes happen quicker.

SELECT tblWO.A_ID, tblLOCATIONS!Platform_ST & "-" & tblWO!A_ITEMNO AS ID, FormatDateTime([A_DATEOPEN],2) AS Raised, tblWO.A_PRIORITY AS P, tblWO.A_ManhrsEst AS hrs, tblWO.A_DESCR AS Descr, tblWO.A_DATEGOAL FROM tblLOCATIONS INNER JOIN tblWO ON tblLOCATIONS.Platform=tblWO.A_LOCATION WHERE (((tblWO.A_DATEGOAL)>=Now() Or (tblWO.A_DATEGOAL) Is Null) AND ((tblWO.A_COMPLETION)<>100) AND ((tblWO.A_MANCLOSE)=No) AND ((tblWO.A_LOCATION)>IIf(getasset()=" & "ALL" & "," & "a" & "," & "zz" & ") Or (tblWO.A_LOCATION)=getasset())) OR (((tblWO.A_DATEGOAL)>=Now() Or (tblWO.A_DATEGOAL) Is Null) AND ((tblWO.A_COMPLETION) Is Null) AND ((tblWO.A_MANCLOSE)=No) AND ((tblWO.A_LOCATION)>IIf(getasset()=" & "ALL" & "," & "a" & "," & "zz" & ") Or (tblWO.A_LOCATION)=getasset())) ORDER BY tblWO.A_PRIORITY, tblWO.A_ITEMNO

The above is the rowsource query. And I put it in the answer section because it was too big to fit in the comment section.Apologies!

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Try requering the control instead of the rowsource of the control (Me.cboOverdueID.requery). –  Christian Mar 3 '12 at 14:07
I am afraid you question is not very clear. A combo should be pretty quick to change, and if you change the rowsource, there is no need to requery. You should post some notes on your code and the sql for the rowsource. –  Fionnuala Mar 3 '12 at 18:16

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