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I am creating images in Photoshop with a transparent background. I am calling them into flash dynamically with actionscript 3 but the transparency has a white ghostly look to them. I can see the boxes move around on my ANDROID devices.

I found this tutorial and it helps:

HOWEVER I want to import the images dynamically and not have to bring each image in to flash and fix it. Any ideas on what settings will work when exporting from photoshop?

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I found a "WORK AROUND" solution.

I created a transparent PNG TO COVER THE ENTIRE SCREEN. I loaded it in the second level above the background image. There may be a ever so faint "ghosting" look but I can't tell by looking. One thing for sure it removed the boxes around the other transparent PNG files I am loading in. So that's great!

Please let me know if this helped you. Thanks

-Ed Vizenor

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