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I have a ListView where each objects in the list has the parameter:


However, this makes the objects hard to press. I don't want to increase the font size to achieve this. Instead, can I add a buffer to wrap_content?

I'd like to implement something like:

android:layout_height="wrap_content" + 10dp

How do I do this?


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Add some margin or padding to your views. Alternatively, embed a <View> element with fixed 10dip height.

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you can use padding property so its automatically set height & width what you want...

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you would have to do that programmatically most likely. Because that method wont work.

Not exact coding but along the lines:

View what_i_want_to_resize = (View)findViewById(;
View view_with_the_size = (View)findViewById(;

what_i_want_to_resize.setMinimumHeight(view_with_the_size.getMeasuredHeight() + 10);

Something along those lines. It is impossible to do it with XML.

You can also add padding to it.


That will make a padding or cushion between the views.

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dude u have to give android:layout_height="50dp" or any figure directly

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Try using android:layout_margin="10dip" or padding.

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