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I've been using SHA256 successfully and for an Admin section of a site I wanted to use SHA512. I'm using the js from

The only catch is a can't seem to call the function. with sha256 I just do the following:


But when I try the same with sha512 the script just stops at that point - doesn't work - eg:


Also I can see the SHA256() function in the original code but not the SHA512 function... is there a trick to using this code? Another source I should use?


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If you look at the project on Sourceforge, there seems to be a separate sha512 file.

edit: This works in console after loading sha512.js

var jsSha = new jsSHA("string to hash");
var hash = jsSha.getHash("SHA-512", "HEX");
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yes I downloaded that file... I just need to know how to call the function... eg: how do I pass a string to get it hashed? – Adam Mar 3 '12 at 7:01
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    var shaObj = new jsSHA("This is a Test", "ASCII");
    var hash = shaObj.getHash("SHA-512", "HEX");
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Referenced from

var shaObj = new jsSHA("SHA-512", "TEXT");
shaObj.update("This is a test");
var hash = shaObj.getHash("HEX");
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