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I have been running some testing with wifi proxy settings on a Motorola Xoom with Android 3.2. So first of all, it is a big step forward comparing to 2.x releases. now if you set proxy, most of the apps automatically get it (in 2.x, only builtin browser uses it). So I tried things like yahoo finance, bloomberg, etc. and they all going through proxy fine. What I don't get is some browsers like firefox, Opera, will not go through proxy. Any idea how they did that. Basically in my app, how can I decide if I want to use proxy or try to connect directly. Based on my testing, if we don't do anything special, the default is using proxy. So what do I need to do to allow my app bypass proxy like Firefox/Opera?


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On devices with API version >=11 (Android 3.1 and greater) the answer is here:

Android's proxy confusing documentation resources

You can simply call the getDefault() method from ProxySelector class and get the default Android implementation of the ProxySelector.

ProxySelector defaultProxySelector = ProxySelector.getDefault();
Proxy proxy = null;
List<Proxy> proxyList =;
if (proxyList.size() > 0)
  proxy = proxyList.get(0);
  Log.d(TAG, "Current Proxy Configuration: " + proxy.toString());

I think that some Android applications (you said Opera and Firefox) simply doesn't do this check but implements some native proxy handling not caring of how the system work.

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Thanks, LeChuck. But based on my testing, I don't need to do anything like what you said in my app. I just do a basic HttpClient Get, I can see it is going through proxy on my Xoom. So I think by default, all net traffic goes through proxy in honeycomb and ICS if you are using the built-in networking stack. This is the right thing to do in general because you don't want each app have to set proxy by itself. However in my specic app, I do want to "bypass" the proxy and try to connect directly. I am wondering if there are any settings that allow me to do that. Any idea? – Safecoder Mar 3 '12 at 19:39
try to avoid using HttpClient, as suggested here and explained here (at least for the proxy details). It's seems that it's not supported by the Android team. The HttpURLConnection class request the developer to explicitily specify the the proxy when needed. – lechuckcaptain Mar 4 '12 at 16:31
Thanks for the info. That makes sense and let me try it out and let you know... – Safecoder Mar 6 '12 at 7:12
I saw on your blog that you released a proxy setting app for kindle fire. Does it work well? I actually returned my kindle fire a couple of weeks ago because I can't set proxy. If it works, I may consider going back and buy one. :-) – Safecoder Mar 8 '12 at 4:20
I released the app in the Amazon Appstore. The process review for the Kindle Fire is still on evaluation. I'll post updates on the blog. Stay tuned. – lechuckcaptain Mar 8 '12 at 9:55

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