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I have a service as follows :

  • WCF (.NET framework 4.0)
  • Hosted in IIS7
  • Per Session based service
  • TCP communication with no security
  • MessageInspectors to log and handle user(login/logout/cache) on both client and service
  • Winform Client that uses channel factory to communicate with service

To enable performance counters I have added the following to the web.config :

    <diagnostics performanceCounters="All" />

In Performance monitor i have the following entries :

  • ServiceModelService
  • ServiceModelOperation
  • ServiceModelEndPoint

Under ServiceModelService I can see one instance and thats my WCF service hosted in IIS7, if I add Calls and Calls duration and then OK I will still not get any drawings in the Performance Monitor even when running my client against the service? I have tried to use "Scale selected counters" but I still do not see anything?

If I check the ServiceModelOperation I can somtimes see my operations but even if I add a couple of these counters I will not get any read in the Performance Monitor?

ServiceModelEndPoint do never show any instances so no counters can be added?

If I however add the Instances counter under ServiceModelService, this will give me a reading but thats it.

Pleas help, why am I not getting any performance counters to show up?

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Possibly related: – Chris J Apr 4 at 9:59
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After alot of work it showed that two service method names was the problem. I dont really see why but then changing them slightly it worked. And no its not any problems with response/request och attributes, all I really needed to do was to change the name a bit.

The name is not a ".net name" but maby it was to long and to similar to another service method name.

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Hi @Banshee I have the same issue like yours I can't get values for my counters ( service and operations ones) when the performanceCounters="All", actually I added Calls and calls duration counter and invoke my service but in vain no data are displayed. However, when I change performanceCounters="ServiceOnly" I 'm able to get all counter values but only for services. I check if I have duplicate instance names for operations but all are unique. Any help plz. – Moez Rebai Apr 13 at 9:15

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