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Is it possible to exclude specified fields at runtime when serializing an object to a JSON string? i.e. When serializing an object, only serialize fields specified in list.

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Any properties that don't have the [DataMember] attribute will not be serialized

public class MyClass
  public string SerializeMe {get;set;}

  public string DontSerializeMe {get;set;}

  public string SerializeMeToo {get;set;}
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Can i decide programmatically at runtime not to serialize the field "SerializeMe"? –  seanlinmt Jun 6 '09 at 0:34
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The DataContractJsonSerializer is opt-in so only fields with marked with the DataMemberAttribute is included.

I wanted to change this at runtime (as in programmatically exclude certain fields depending on certain conditions) to exclude fields which are null but this is the default behaviour. So I guess it is no longer relevant.

Update, the following could also be used:

public DateTime DateOfBirth;

[DataMember] public bool Confidential;

[DataMember (Name="DateOfBirth", EmitDefaultValue=false)]
DateTime? _tempDateOfBirth;

void PrepareForSerialization (StreamingContext sc)
  if (Confidential)
    _tempDateOfBirth = DateOfBirth;
    _tempDateOfBirth = null;
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