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Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong here.I am trying to generate a system info in xml.My XML schema is like this


Snooping around the internet i found this code.But it is hard to implement it problems faced: "b" is a string which i get from regedit.exe's version number

writer.WriteElementString("Execute Bit Length", "64");

Also doesn't work

writer.WriteStartElement(".Net Framework 4", NET_FRAMEWORK.ToString());

gives me the error cannot write hexadecimal value 0x20 NET_FRAMEWORK is a boolean value. Basically i screwed up with the XML

using (XmlWriter writer = XmlWriter.Create("sys_info.xml"))



                    writer.WriteElementString("Ver", Environment.OSVersion.ToString());
                    writer.WriteElementString("Execute Bit Length", "64");
                    writer.WriteElementString("Registry version", b.ToString());


                    writer.WriteStartElement(".Net Framework 4", NET_FRAMEWORK.ToString());
                    writer.WriteStartElement("PDF reader", PDF_READ.ToString());
                    writer.WriteStartElement("internet Explorer Version", IE.ToString());
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Note that spaces are not allowed in XML node names, so you need to change or remove them.

Also I would recommend you to try Linq to XML:

var xDocument = new XDocument(
    new XElement("root", 
        new XElement("System", 
            new XElement("OS",
                new XElement("Ver", Environment.OSVersion.ToString()), 
                new XElement("Execute_Bit_Length", "64"),
                new XElement("Registry_version", b) 

            new XElement("APPCHECK",
                new XElement("NET_Framework_4", NET_FRAMEWORK),
                new XElement("PDF_Reader", PDF_READ),
                new XElement("Internet_Explorer_Version", IE)

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Thanks Worked perfectley –  Cesar Mar 3 '12 at 12:13

Your code does not work as you cannot use values with spaces and punctuation in WriteStartElement and in first argument of WriteElementString. Also for each WriteStartElement you need to add WriteEndElement.

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writer.WriteElementString("Ver", Environment.OSVersion.ToString()); runs fine though –  Cesar Mar 3 '12 at 11:02
@user1235546 That's because "Ver" does not contain spaces and punctuation which cannot be used in first argument of WriteElementString (is it clear from text of my answer above?). –  Andrii Kalytiiuk Mar 3 '12 at 11:26

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