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I might just be doing something obvious and dumb here, but I can get this code to work in the Chrome console, but when I run it in my phonegap app it just doesn't do anything.

I'm pulling in some messages from an website API to a phonegap companion app. The problem is the messages have links in them to the website. I want to use regex to change the href to an onClick so it works with my app.

If I run this code in Chrome it's fine:

avar = '<a href="view.php?id=63">Click here to view details</a>';
bvar = avar.replace(
    /<a href="view\.php\?id=([0-9])*">/gi,
    '<a onClick="navigator.notification.alert(\'ok\')">AAA'

I stripped the regex right back to this, and it still fails

bvar = avar.replace(
    /<a href="/gi,

Again that works in Chrome and not the Phonegap app. Any ideas?

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are you getting any js errors in the logs? also, what phone is it running on? android? ios? – benpage Mar 3 '12 at 21:52
I don't know how to log js errors into xcode. It's just acting like the regex isn't matching as it continues on fine. And it's iOS (as it states in the title) – Willshaw Media Mar 4 '12 at 10:19
you can log to the xcode debug window with console.log('something') - and keep an eye on the debug window in xcode when that regex code runs, in case it outputs a js error – benpage Mar 4 '12 at 21:35
Ok, the debug window doesn't show anything when it runs. It's acting like it just doesn't match the regex as soon as the double quote - " is present. It works for <a href=, but fails on <a href=". – Willshaw Media Mar 5 '12 at 19:50

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if it seems to have issues with the ", try putting brackets around what you are regex-ing:

bvar = avar.replace(
    /(<a href=")/gi,

also, using the console.log, just check that the regex is getting registered in js correctly.

var rgxtest = /(<a href=")/gi
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