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I'm currently trying to design a PHP webapp that allows users to send emails to other users. The recipient can then reply to the email and the message will be updated in the webapp.

Now to keep track of each individual user message, I would like to add a custom header (ie. conversation_id) in the email. When the recipient replies to the email in their email client, will the custom mail header (ie. conversation_id) be preserved?

There will be cron job that executes every minute that opens a POP3 stream to the web server to retrieve new emails (replies that the user may have sent with their mail client) to update my DB.

I'm not sure if this is a good way for designing such an app. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Also, I'm sure wondering how I can strip out the quoted messages in the reply?

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You can't rely on mail headers being preserved - it is pretty much up to the individual mail client to decide what to include.

I would generally put the conversation ID within [] brackets in the subject which makes it really easy to parse out with a regular expression.

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Putting [] brackets in the subject could break the system if the client decides to change the subject field or worse change the "ID" in the brackets –  peter Mar 6 '12 at 17:29
You can also put the ID in the message body. It can be changed/deleted (unless you use include signature of id or just embed encrypted id) of course but depends on your rules of communication. May be require users not to delete subject or keep original message in reply... These are some ideas which may work for your solution. –  sheldon_cooper Mar 12 at 13:38

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