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I'm looking for some kind of ready system, solution, or advices how to code the system on backend by myself.


  1. There are simple "atomic operations". Each atomic operation has an ID.
  2. Each atomic operation has a callback function which is fired indicating success or insuccess. However, some callbacks can never be fired at all if something goes wrong.
  3. Callbacks are fired asynchronously (it's obvious).

  4. There are "actions". Each action consists of several atomic operations.

  5. Each action has a timeout. If it's not completed in the timeout, it has to be rolled back.
  6. The action is complete if we receive successful callbacks from all atomic operations it consists of. Otherwise it should be rolled back.
  7. Each "action" has a good-written corresponding "rollback action".
  8. If the rollback fails?)) Oh let's not make things it too complicated )))

  9. At last: We should fire a callback indicating success or insuccess of the action

  10. High load

I hope your experience will help me!

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It's a bit tricky to figure out what exactly you're trying to do, but a priority queue would seem like it'd solve most of your problems. Like Linus suggested, there are a few of them. I've been exploring Kue personally (haven't actually used it yet but it looks nice), which is Redis-backed, written by the Learnboost guys (Express, SocketIO, etc).

Kue also supports optional retries and failure attempts.

As far as rollback support, the atomic operations might be something you'd have to hand-code in your jobs. For example, you'd get some atomic guarantees if you wrote your Redis-interfacing jobs in multi-exec blocks (see Transactions) and the "Locking with SETNX" section on SETNX).

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There are a few resque-like queuing modules for node.js, try npm search redis queue. I can't say if any of them has any rollback support though.

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