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Parent Div Click Function gets called when Child Div Click is clicked. How to overcome this issue

I am using ASP.Net with C#

<div onclick="callme();">
    <a href='#' onclick="Callme2();">Hi</a>

When I click on anchor tag the div elements onclick also gets executed. How to overcome this ?

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That, of course, depends on the browser.

In newer browsers, call


on the event object.

In older IE, set

window.event.cancelBubble = true

Read abot the details at Quirks mode.

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This is due to event bubbling.

<div onclick="callme();">
    <a href='#' onclick="return Callme2();">Hi</a>

make sure Callme2() returns false to stop the event from bubbling up.

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I tested it out and it seems the inner event fires first. So the inner event could set some kind of flag. Then the outer event looks at that flag: If it is set, the outer event clears it and returns. If not, it does whatever it normally does. Not as fancy as the other answers that have been posted, but I think it would work and should be browser independent, provided all browsers fire the inner event first (which I would guess they do based on the "bubbling" discussion posted here)

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Yeah, that's way too convoluted. Just stop the event propagation, which is the "proper" way to do it. –  Tyson Jun 5 '09 at 7:24

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