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I am trying to migrate a hbm.xml based nhibernate project to mapping by code. I am having problem getting the Version section working. In the hbm.xml i have:

< version name="Version" column="Version" type="Int32" unsaved-value="0"/>

I have tried with the following mapping:

        Version(x => x.Version, m =>
            m.Column(c =>
            m.Type(new NHibernate.Type.Int32Type());

But nothing seems to produce the same mapping as the original hbm.xml, they all end up without the type="Int32". Has anyone got any ideas how I can do this, or if its supported in 3.2?



See my answer

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Dont be afraid to create an answer that includes the working mapping and flag it as correct. This is perfectly legit on SO. – Fourth Mar 5 '12 at 16:34

If the property Version is already type of int32 then that is not inserted into the hbm file. I think the type part is only written into the xml file if the actual types are different. Example (domain entity uses int32 but we want to map it using int64):

// in the domain entity
public int RowVersion{get;set;}

//  Mapping
this.Version(x => x.RowVersion, mapper =>
        mapper.Type(new NHibernate.Type.Int64Type());

// Xml file
<version name="RowVersion" type="Int64" unsaved-value="0" />
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Just tried your sujestion but got the following error when saving a model. Invalid Cast (check your mapping for property type mismatches); setter of Models.Tester Changed the my orginal mapping to just this: Version(x => x.Version, mapper => { mapper.Generated(VersionGeneration.Never); mapper.UnsavedValue(0); mapper.Type(new NHibernate.Type.Int32Type()); }); And it all worked as it did when using hbm.xml – SteveC Mar 4 '12 at 22:59
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Following Toni comment I have changed my mapping to:

Version(x => x.Version, mapper =>
            mapper.Type(new NHibernate.Type.Int32Type());

Which prove to work as my original hbm.xml

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