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I'm using a little SSD for my windows system and a big hard drive for all my data and installations.

When I try to install Visual Studio 11 on drive E I get the message:

"setup blocked"

Insufficent space on drive C.

It seems that the installer wants 6GB on drive C although I selected Drive E as installation path. Is there a way around?

Tried it with web- and ISO installer. Result is the same.

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Most of VS required files must be installed in Disk C, even you chose another partition. A compromise may be helpful: choose the components that you really need

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I don't see the part where I can select the packages I want to install. The installer asks for the destination dir and on the second screen the error message apears. No chance to select the components I really need. –  schlingel Mar 3 '12 at 14:27
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