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I am just getting into Node, and looking at some options for connecting to SQL Server. A lot of the demos I have seen are simple "here's how to connect with this query...". However, I haven't found much on how connection pooling is managed.

Tedious and node-tds are built on the the TDS protocol. I read through the documentation for FreeTDS and how it manages connection pooling. Are these related?

I also found another extension, T-SQL FTW that was written in C# with a C++ wrapper that allows it to communicate with Node. Since it uses ADO .NET managed code, I'm wondering if this is a better option for stable connection pooling through Node, and if there are other solid options available with benchmarks and more elaborate documentation?

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Connection pooling is normally implemented as a wrapper around a connection provider (such as Tedious or node-tds). Pooling is a separate concern, and I'm not sure that it belongs in the connection provider.

I'd suggest that you pick the driver that you want to use, and then write a simple connection pooling solution for it. It's a fairly straightforward task.

[I'm the author of Tedious.]

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